Gilmore Girls characters and their Myers-Briggs types

Earlier this year I binge-watched Gilmore Girls during long feedings and late nights with my newborn son. I had watched some of the seasons in high school and college because it was popular with my contemporaries, and it was fun because Rory was the same age as me– we both graduated from high school in 2003. Watching it again this year, I realized that I don’t actually like the show. The characters are obnoxious, they talk way too much about pop culture references that I don’t care about at all, and there’s not much substance or character development. But I kept watching, and I’ll be watching the Netflix revival later this week, because those aren’t the reasons I watch TV shows.

When I watch shows or movies, I watch them solely to analyze them. I analyze everything from continuity of the actors’ hair and makeup, to when sets are re-used and supposed to look like a new location, to factual errors, to discrepancies in backstories and timing of events, to whether the floor plan of an interior set is consistent with the facade of the exterior set, to how many articles of clothing are in a character’s wardrobe and which pieces are re-used. But I especially love analyzing characters’ Myers-Briggs types. The problem with that is fictional characters are almost never consistent with MBTI, which makes them both hard to type and hard to like.

I’ve seen other sites that analyze Gilmore Girls characters’ Myers-Briggs types, but I don’t agree with any of them. Really, there’s no right answer because the writers of this show obviously didn’t know about MBTI when they created these characters, which is probably why I find this show so annoying. But here are my best guesses.


Paris: ENTJ. Paris is probably my favorite character. She’s ambitious, driven, goal-oriented, and a natural leader. She’s socially awkward but needs to be around other people and to be in charge. She’s a natural entrepreneur and idea machine who pursues a million different things and excels at all of them, and an intellectual who amasses in-depth knowledge. Although she’s knowledgeable about pop culture (as all characters on this show are, because that’s kind of the point of the show), she considers herself above it and only makes pop culture references mockingly or in order to make some deeper philosophical insight.

The only thing I find unrealistic about Paris is how much she relies on Madeleine and Louise. ENTJs and INTJs value competence in others above all, and would never willingly hang around clueless girls like Madeleine and Louise. Other types of leaders, ESTJs perhaps, may want followers and minions to do their bidding or confirm their self-worth, but not an ENTJ like Paris. An ENTJ doesn’t lead for the sake of leading, she leads because she believes she is the most competent and the only one who can get things done. She would want to surround herself with other smart, competent people. But those people would be boring and would not make for interesting TV.


Kirk: INTP/ENTP. My other favorite character. Totally crazy, thinks on a different dimension from everyone else, works a myriad of different jobs, has a million outlandish ideas that he never sticks to for long. He says exactly what’s on his mind with no concern for convention or what others will think. He knows that he’s awkward, but he doesn’t care. He seems like an extravert because he’s always out and about, and talks to everyone. He seems to have a need to be social, but is totally clueless about how to do it.


Luke: ISTP. Quiet, reserved, serious, and logical. He’s a good listener and observer of other people, but rarely shows his own feelings or lets people in. ISTPs like to work alone and are very good at practical skills. Sometimes he seems like a Feeler, and it seems like he should be a Judger because of the success of his business and how hard he works. He does have a lot of J characteristics.


April: INTJ or ENTJ. I love April. She is quirky, brilliant, intellectual, and straightforward, but also, like Kirk, outside of the realm of social awareness. She seems like an introvert but she just talks way too much and too quickly, but that can be said of every introvert on this show. TV writers do this to everybody and it drives me crazy. Don’t even get me started on the Shonda Rhimes characters’ monologues.


Sookie: ENFP or ESFP. Scatterbrained, creative, out-of-the-box thinker. She’s very concerned about Lorelei’s feelings (way more than Lorelei is concerned about hers) and lets herself get steamrolled by Lorelei. She has big ideas and acts on them without proper planning, and isn’t too concerned by the details. She might be an intuitive because her head is always in the clouds and she’s a little more abstract than everyone else in the way she talks about things. However, this is a very Sensing-biased show so I still think she’s mostly Sensing. She more perceptive than Lorelei and offers a fresh perspective that helps Lorelei solve problems that she’s not able to on her own. She’s a great listener and is never too quick to judge a situation before gathering all the information. She seems very open-minded and not easily shocked. She’s obviously an Extrovert but also emotionally sensitive and wants to make her loved ones happy.


Jess: INFP. The classic brooding, sensitive nonconformist. He’s a creative type, very free-spirited and independent, with a rich inner life, and doesn’t adhere to routine or convention. He’s not logical and frequently follows whims. He doesn’t care what other people think, and although he has deep feelings, he almost never shows them.


Dean: ISFJ. Sensitive, a people-pleaser, helpful, hardworking, traditionalist. I don’t really like him as a person, but at least his character is very consistent. He’s definitely a Feeling type because why else would a 16-year-old boy build a car for his girlfriend and be the first to say “I love you”? He’s very consistent and patient.


Lane: ESFP-ish. She acts like an ESFP but her total dedication to music and lack of all other interests makes her seem like a J. However, that’s the writers’ fault. Her character is way too one-dimensional. She’s totally dedicated to music and has no other interests or ambition? Boring. However, she’s a good friend, easygoing and easy to get along with. She’s independent and wants to stand up to her mother but always backs down because she fears disapproval.


Emily: ESTJ. Very social, very blunt, cares very much about sensory things, inflexible and likes things just so. She has a hard time understanding ideas that are outside of her frame of reference. I think she’s a thinker instead of a feeler because she’s very cold and calculating in her decision making.


Richard: INTJ or ISTJ. Richard is intellectual, reserved, traditional, hardworking and ambitious. He’s inflexible when it comes to his work, has high expectations of others, and his emotions are impenetrable. He seems like an N because he’s very intellectual and has hidden depths, but he cares way too much about what others think, and about appearances. He values competence, and it’s no surprise that Paris was drawn to him as a mentor.


Logan: ENFJ. He’s very expressive and outgoing, while being intellectual and clearly a deep thinker. He has P tendencies due to his lack of ambition and drive, but when it comes to the goals that are important to him instead of the ones imposed by his father, he approaches them with drive and organization. He’s dramatic, imaginative, and his ideas are out of the ordinary.


Christopher: ESFJ or ESFP. His emotions can be very volatile, but they’re always at the forefront. He’s not a very logical person, nor a very deep one. I think he’s a J instead of a P because he’s not very open-minded or flexible, and he has a hard time adjusting when things don’t go his way. But he certainly acts like a P and is very impulsive and flighty.

I’ll write about Lorelei and Rory in a separate post. The characters above are in roughly the order of how much I like them (most to least), and it’s no coincidence that Lorelei and Rory are at the bottom. I love the characters other people hate, and I hate the characters you’re supposed to love. I guess that’s to be expected when you’re an INTP.

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